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Slip on shoes for women 

Explore Satorisan's collection of slip-on shoes for women, crafted with conscious materials and designed for both comfort and style.

Satorisan slip on shoes for women Made with Conscious Materials

Our slip-on shoes are made of recycled cotton and high-quality suede leather, have a non-removable ergonomic insole for added comfort, and have a light and flexible rubber outdoor outsole with excellent traction. Furthermore, we are committed to sustainability by using recycled and recyclable shoe packaging. Satorisan slip-on shoes for women are carefully crafted from conscious materials, guaranteeing that every step you take has a good impact on the environment. We believe in lowering our environmental impact by employing environmentally friendly materials.

Care Guide: Keep Your Slip-On Shoes Looking Fresh and New

Our women's slip-on shoes are made to be simple to care for. You can easily wash them in the washing machine to keep them looking like new whenever you want. Select a cold, moderate cycle with a maximum temperature of 24°C/75.2°F. It is essential to keep in mind, however, that they should not be dried in the dryer or in direct sunlight.

How to Style Your Women's Slip-On Shoes

Women slip-on shoes are available in a wide range of styles and colors, making it simple to pick a pair that matches your own style. Slip-on shoes are versatile and can be combined with a variety of clothes, whether you like a casual and laid-back look or a more polished and elegant appearance. Pair your slip-ons with jeans and a comfortable sweater for a laid-back look. If you want to seem stylish and trendy, pair them with a flowy dress or skirt. The choices are unlimited, allowing you to easily express your individual style.


Step into effortless style and comfort with Satorisan's slip-on shoes for women. Made with conscious materials, these shoes not only make you look good but also contribute to a sustainable future. With their easy care guide and a wide variety of styles to choose from, slip-on shoes are a wardrobe essential for every woman. Embrace the comfort, versatility, and eco-consciousness of our slip-on shoes and elevate your footwear game. Walk with confidence, knowing that each step you take supports a positive impact on the planet.

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